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“Joanne was a good communicator who stayed in touch throughout the entire process. Even when things were slow she continued to hold open houses.” ~ J.S.

J. S.

“Joanne was awesome! As a first time home buyer she helped me through everything and was very knowledgeable.” ~ S.K.


“We had a great experience!! Just a wonderful agent!! Knows her stuff! Very informative, kind, supportive, goes the extra mile. Really looks after her customers. Always in their best interest. Great gal! Very kind and loving to our pets as well!!! They love her too!!” ~ L.T.


“My home had been on the market for over a year with no real offers. I switched to Joanne Melton and it sold within 3 months.” ~S.H.

S. H.

“Joanne Melton will go out of her way to do anything to help in the process of selling your home. She is very responsive, always available, honest, hard working and very professional. Joanne was a Godsend to us!” ~ The Ross Family

The Ross Family

“Excellent job & kept us informed and up to date on what was happening.” ~ The Ferring Family

The Ferrings

“She did a great job when a buyer is looking for help. Joanne would stay on top of every question that arrived & got our loans to go through very fast. Thank you Joanne for all your help.” ~ The Bustos Family

The Bustos Family

“Joanne went above & beyond just being my realtor. Our cars had been transported to Yuma on the 26th of October, and our house deal fell through so she went to the title office, picked up a check, came to my house and picked up a deposit slip for my bank and then went to the court house and paid my property tax. Now that’s being more than just a realtor. Kudos Joanne!!! Thank you so so much Joanne!!! P.S. She was going to sell my house over 2 years ago, but it didn’t come about on my part. She kept sending me calendars, recipes and info all those years until I made the move.” ~ CZ


“Joanne Melton is professional, attentive to detail, prompt in completing tasks and puts the needs of her clients as her first priority. She actually answers her phone and returns calls!” ~ Pamela

Pamela Searcy-Mullen

“My agent was always ready to listen to my concerns. My agent always was ready to find out all the answers about a piece of property for me. Joanne went out of her way to facilitate other non-buying family members that wanted to see a house.” ~AF